Suspend to RAM

Once the harddisk is supported properly (see the Harddisk page for details) it's rather easy to get suspending and resuming to work. Instead of writing my own suspend script I'm being lazy and just use the hibernate script that comes with Software Suspend 2. Luckily it's also available as a Debian package, so installation is easily done as usual with apt-get, installing the needed vbetool utility at the same time:

apt-get install hibernate vbetool

Attached is the hibernate.conf that I use for suspending to RAM, just a few notes: (see the hibernate.conf manual page for all the other settings)

  • EnableVBEtool is needed so the screen contents are not a just huge garbled mess after resume.
  • UseDummyXServer is needed that the Radeon graphics cards re-enables powersaving (DymanicClocks) after resume.
  • the services hsf (for the modem) and irda-utils need to be stopped and restarted, otherwise the suspend fails (hsf) or the device doesn't work any more after resume (irda-utils).

Note: when using the recent fglrx drivers from ATI (version 8.19.10 and later), be sure not to use either vbetool or the dummy X server, since these options seem to break the resume process.

You can use the configuration file by issuing

hibernate -F /path/to/hibernate.conf.ram

see the Special Keys page for how to map Fn+F4 to that command.

More information can be found in the "How to make ACPI work" ThinkWiki page.

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