A port of otpCalc for the Nokia 770


otpCalc is an RFC2289 and RFC1760 compliant OTP and S/Key calculator, usable for example to generate one time passwords to authenticate against services running OPIE (English mini-HowTo #1 and #2, German HowTo).

Until now I was using otpgen on my mobile phone (which is great, btw), but typing is easier on the Nokia 770, hence I present the port of otpCalc to the Maemo platform.


None, if you're not trying to access an OPIE-running service from the Nokia 770. If you're using the dropbear client to access a SSH server using pam_opie.so, be aware of a problem with dbclient's way to show the login prompt, see Debian Bug #394996.


Just download the attached package and install it with the application manager. Note: the package only works with the ITOS2006 release of the Maemo platform!


Start otpCalc from the menu (extras -> otpCalc) and use it, it should be pretty much self-explaining. You can change the algorithm which is used to create the one time passwords via the application's menu.

Port status

  • ported to GTK2 (easy, because there was very little to do)
  • partly ported to D-BUS and Maemo/Hildon


This package is provided without any warranties, use it on your own risk. Feedback is very welcome, feel free to use the feedback form or add comments below.

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