Application Icon for ScummVM (outdated, ITOS2005 only)

Note: the information on this page is obsolete, the latest and greatest version (0.8.0 final, as of Jan 21st 2006) of the ScummVM port fixes the described problem (among others).

Playing old Lucasfilm Games (or Lucasarts) classics like Monkey Island or Zak McKracken on the Nokia 770 was my favorite over the holidays, thanks to the great ScummVM port by Tomas Junnonen.

The only thing that was a bit annoying was the missing application icon in the task navigator, so accidentally minimizing ScummVM meant that you had to kill the game since there was no way of getting it back onto the screen. Luckily, the solution to that problem was easy (notified Tomas about this and it's going to be in the next release AFAIK), just add the following line to /var/lib/install/etc/others-menu/extra_applications/scummvm.desktop:


After that, ScummVM registers in the task navigator.