A port of Unison for the Nokia 770


Unison is a great tool to synchronize files between different computer systems, supporting various UNIX platforms including Linux and also Microsoft Windows.



Download the attached Debian "arm" package for the older ITOS2005 operating system or the new "armel" package for the newer ITOS2006 (released end of June 2006) and install it with the Application Installer.


See the Unison manual for details.

Quick HowTo to synchronizing your $HOME on the Nokia 770

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Install Unison on the Nokia 770 and Unison with GTK support on your desktop machine. Create a directory (e.g. ~/Nokia770) on your desktop machine that will hold your sync-ed hierarchy.

Start Unison on the desktop with


choose "Create new profile" and give it a whatever name you like, e.g. Nokia770.

Step 1

Double-click the new profile, select your local directory (in my case /home/spiney/Nokia770)

Step 2

for the second directory choose SSH, insert hostname or IP address in the Hosts field (and the username "user" in the User field in case you do not have a special Nokia770 configuration in ~/.ssh/config)

Step 3

Ignore the warning about first sync, because it is the first time you synchronize and enjoy!

Step 4

Note: to avoid Unison trying to synchronize it's own status directory on the Nokia770 (which will never be in sync because every update will change it), I suggest adding the following line to ~/.unison/<profilename>.prf:

ignore = Name .unison

Feel free to just synchronize the MyDocs directory by providing "MyDocs" when specifying the second directory.


Built a working GTK-enabled package, as in: find the reason why the application segfaults after a couple of seconds when built with GTK support.


This package is provided without any warranties, use it on your own risk. Feedback is very welcome, feel free to use the feedback form or add comments below.



Anonymous's picture

Are there plans to repackage unison for ITOS2006?

Wolfgang Karall-Ahlborn's picture

but I haven't found time to update to ITOS2006 myself. Well, that is, until today. Smile

Po's picture

Hi there, I was wondering whether you might be willing to let me know how you built Unison for OS2005/OS2006. I am currently using OS2008 and would like to run Unison on it. Since I assume that you are probably too busy to port it to OS2008 for me, I would be happy to give it a shot by myself.

If you could just give me some pointers to websites that tell how to start this process, and if you could also pass along any modifications you made to the source code, that would be wonderful.

Thanks very much!

Michael's picture

The armel package installs on the N800 & the programs opens in Xterm. I've just now installed it & haven't use it yet, but it looks like there may not be a need to do a special N800 port.