The T43p (model no. 2668G2G) uses the following hardware:



The notebook came pre-installed with Windows XP Professional. After finishing the Windows installation, I decided to create the recovery media first, because IBM doesn't put them in the box anymore. Better safe than sorry. Using the software in the "Access IBM" folder and two blank DVD-RWs that was quickly done.

Debian Linux on an IBM Thinkpad T43p


This document describes how to install Debian GNU/Linux 3.1 (sarge) on an IBM Thinkpad T43p. Since I don't have time to write everything in one session, nor am I finished twiddling around with the setup of the notebook, this is work in progress.

Note: after a while I actually switched to Debian unstable (sid), since I've been using it for a long time on desktop machines. In case some software I use is not in sarge yet, I'll point that out. The installation procedure still applies to sarge, as does the kernel related information since it's pretty much independent from the distribution used.


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