Special Keys


Getting the various special keys like "Access IBM", Mute etc. and the Fn-key combinations recognized is pretty easy. For an overview of the possibilities and more in-depth information see this ThinkWiki page.

Three software packages are needed:

CD-RW/DVD-RW Multi-Burner


The drive itself works fine in any case, but when it's used as normal EIDE-device there's no DMA support because it's connected to the SATA-controller. Hence it's necessary to use it as SATA-device to get the full speed and low CPU utilization needed, for instance to play DVDs without annoying stuttering.

Making the Hardware Components work


The next pages describe how to configure the various hardware components so they work Debian Linux.

Kernel Configuration


Warning: This kernel configuration on this page is by no means meant to be a universal one, but has only all the Thinkpad-specific options selected plus the ones that I deem necessary. So please check at least that the filesystem types that you are using are included, and of course also select all drivers for things like USB peripherals, etc.

First I installed the necessary packages to build the kernel from source with

apt-get install gcc make ncurses-dev

Useful Links


  • ThinkWiki: lots of information about using Linux on Thinkpad notebooks
  • Linux-Thinkpad Mailinglist: very active and good mailinglist discussing various topics around Linux and Thinkpads


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